Good News! BlockChain Wework come to truth!

YAO. Cash
4 min readAug 19, 2019


As an emerging industry, the blockchain industry has grown wildly at an alarming rate, both in terms of the number of projects and the ranks of the workforce. But at the same time, with the rapid development of the industry, related problems have begun to emerge. For example, the bottleneck technology is difficult to break through, and various projects are mixed. Among them, the most fundamental problem is that while the industry is developing rapidly, infrastructure construction has not been able to follow up. This resulted in developers encountering difficulties in development, community building, and ecological construction.

As an old Chinese saying goes, those woods grown to be the elders should have their roots robust, and those rivers who want to flow far will have their own source robust. In order to develop the blockchain industry for a long time, the blockchain practitioners have to start from the source of the industry and build the foundation of the blockchain world.

Focusing on the demanding of the industry, YAO Network is committed to building a solid blockchain public infrastructure platform that connects resources, technology communities and developers. Isolated islands create the common prosperity of the three major blocks of the blockchain.

YAO’s meaning of “爻” in “ZHOUYI” is the most basic symbol of the prime minister, which also implies that YAO Network hopes to build the entire blockchain by providing the basic service module of the blockchain as the basic unit of the underlying facility world.

Like the shared office leader WeWork, YAO Network provides a convenient space for developers to share. WeWork provides physical space in the real world, while YAO Network provides the basic service platform in the blockchain world. Freely develop, market and sell blockchain products and services on this platform is possible.

The entrance to the blockchain world. The goal of YAO Network is to build a gateway to the blockchain world, providing a convenient way for developers to access the mainstream blockchain network. Building a distributed blockchain environment is not an easy task. It requires not only a high level of platform hardware infrastructure but also long-term professional operation and maintenance. To help developers quickly build blockchain environments, YAO Network has created the world’s first blockchain public infrastructure platform based on Baas 3.0, providing developers with technical parameters, developer guidance, number of tokens and other blockchain-related Information, but also provides developers with supporting access tools and technical interfaces, greatly reducing the threshold for blockchain development and application.

The hub of information exchange. As a hub, YAO Network connects different types and different architectures of blockchain networks, which provides a bridge for information interaction and value transfer between blockchain networks. The world of blockchain is a diversified world, and developing applications with a single architecture or a single type of component will be doomed to failure. Only by connecting various types of networks to maximize interoperability and scalability, the color of the blockchain world can be more colorful. Therefore, YAO provides a variety of components at the system level, including cross-chain interoperability, distributed identity, chain predictor, event feedback mechanism, etc., in order to exchange value between blockchain networks and break the phenomenon of resource islands.

The market for cloud services. The YAO Network platform provides an open blockchain cloud service market. In this huge market, various service providers can create and sell cloud service products, and end-users can also freely choose products. Both buyers and sellers can pass YAO Network to meet their own needs. For service providers, YAO Network provides a good network environment and development tools for developing cloud service products, and it also provides a dynamic sales market. For the end-user, the YAO Network platform provides a large number of choices, users can choose the most suitable cloud service according to their own needs, YAO Network allows users to quickly complete the creation, use, and operation of the service under the visual interface.

In 2012, the blockchain market invested amount about US$5 million. In 2015, the global blockchain total investment surged to US$465 million. In 2016, the investment in the blockchain sector reached US$576 million. In just 4 years, investment in the industry has increased 100 times! At the end of 2017, there were more than 1,600 global startups with total financing of nearly $2 billion. Such a vibrant market urgently needs a well-developed public infrastructure platform to lay a solid foundation for its future prosperity, and a convenient entry point for the growing number of developers in the industry.

Under the increasingly strong market demand, the gorgeous presence of YAO Network will bring significant benefits to the development of the entire industry! The opportunity is right in front of you. What are you waiting for?



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YAO. cash is the first open-source cross-chain fractional-algorithmic stablecoin protocol that is located on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain & Huobi ECO chain.